Relaxing Ayurvedic Tea - Organic NON-GMO - Loose Tea

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Size: 2lb (230 - 320 cups)
Non-GMO: Yes
All Natural: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Gluten-Free: Yes
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customer reviews
"Has a nice minty taste. I take it in the evenings and it helps me unwind from the day. Brews well, and love that its made from all organic herbs. "
- Melissa R.

Why We Love Our Ayurvedic Relaxation Tea

Stop Worrying! ayurvedic tea is useful when you are feeling anxious, worried, or have a hard time relaxing. According to traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, the herbs in it help to balance vata dosha. A balanced Vata Dosha manifests as feelings of calmness, serenity, and clear thinking.

The masterful combination of organic Ayurvedic and Western herbs used traditionally for clearing, relaxing, and uplifting the mind and body, makes this a herbal tea masterpiece, with a refreshing sweet minty taste.

  • All organic ingredients
  • 100% caffeine-free
  • Formulated by Master Ayurvedic Herbalists
  • Made in the USA
  • Loose organic herbs - brew like loose leaf tea
  • Helps balance Vata Dosha
  • Delicious minty, licorice taste

Stop Worrying! tea is the most popular ayurvedic tea used to mitigate mild anxiety and nervousness. Can be taken up to 3 times a day.

Health Benefits

Helps to relax your nerves naturally.

How to Use

Brew 1 teaspoon per 1 cup water for 3-5 minutes. This is a loose leaf tea, so you can brew this any way you brew any herbal tea: coffee machine, on the stove, in a tea ball, etc. Sweetener can be added, but not necessary.


Ingredients: Organic licorice, organic spearmint, organic peppermint, organic brahmi, organic ashwagandha, organic shatavari, organic skullcap, organic stevia, organic chamomile, organic sarsparilla, organic fennel, organic anise.

  • organic
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free