Veda Ghee - Grass Fed Certified Organic Cultured Ghee

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Why Our Certified Organic Ghee is the Best 

  • Natural, rich, nutty flavor with a hint of sweet adds a delicious gourmet touch to many dishes.
  • This ancient ayurvedic food has been around for thousands of years and is packed with MCTs, vitamins A, D, E, and K, Omega 3 and 9 (essential fatty acids), butyric acid, phenolic antioxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The casein, lactose, and protein solids are removed by the heating process, resulting in an easily-digestible product.
  • Contains no gluten, GMOs, sugar, salt, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors.
  • Artisan-made in small batches and slowly heated at a low temperature following the ancient method that preserves health benefits and locks in earthy freshness.
  • Although our northern California Jersey cows are pastured year-round and overwhelmingly grassfed, their diets must occasionally include small quantities of grain. So, in the interest of complete transparency, we do not claim to be 100% grass-fed.

What is Ghee?
Ghee is central to Ayurveda, an ancient, natural system of medicine developed in India. It has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for millennia because of its many health benefits and healing properties. Ghee (also known as clarified butter) is a healthy and delicious alternative to butter and other cooking oils. It is produced by slowly heating organic butter until all the lactose, casein, and other milk solids are cooked off and the water content has evaporated. What remains is a pure fat that is packed with vitamins and short- and medium-chain fatty acids that are metabolized differently than long-chain fatty acids. These properties make ghee an excellent source of energy that is easy to digest and safe for those with sensitivities to lactose or casein.

Ghee can be made from cultured or uncultured butter but should always be from the milk of grass-fed cows raised eating grass from organic pastures. Grassfed ghee is superior in taste, purity, and also in nutritional value. Cows that are grass fed produce milk that has the highest nutritional content. Grass-fed milk contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Preliminary research suggests that CLA may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aid in weight loss, and reduce inflammation. Our cows produce USDA certified organic milk and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. The grass they eat is organic and non-GMO and never treated with pesticides or herbicides.

How our Artisan Ghee is Made
Our premium ghee is made in the USA. We source our organic unsalted butter from Jersey Cows that graze freely on sustainable farms in Northern California. To make our ghee, the butter is slowly heated in small batches over an open flame at a low temperature to remove the dairy elements without damaging the structure of the remaining fat. This artisanal process results in the highest-possible quality ghee with the best flavor. It’s nutty, buttery, and just slightly sweet, a delicious touch to any gourmet dish you prepare.

How To Use Ghee
Ghee can be used as a substitute for butter, olive oil, coconut oil, or canola oil when frying, sautéing, or baking. Many people use it, along with MCT oil, to make bulletproof coffee, a great source of morning energy and brain-stimulation. Due to its high smoke point (485°F), ghee is a great cooking oil to use with any low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet. You can use it to cook meals for paleo, Whole 30, and ketogenic diets. It’s traditionally used in many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes and is often drizzled on top of rice.

Possible Health Benefits and Athletic Performance
Ghee is a unique product in many ways, which is why it is recommended by many nutritionists, ayurvedic professionals, and athletic trainers. It is an excellent source of energy, rich in vitamins (A, D, E, and K), and also contains butyrate (or butyric acid) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). These components have a wide variety of health benefits, including: maintaining a good metabolism, balancing hormone levels, reducing inflammation, eliminating toxins, lowering cholesterol, building strong bones by enabling the body to better utilize minerals like calcium, burning other fats (leading to weight loss), and improving digestion. Ghee does not contain any gluten, sugar, lactose, or casein, so it’s a great option for people with food allergies or sensitivities. Some endurance athletes eat ghee because it provides quality energy without the crash associated with glucose (carbohydrates), aids in the absorption of vitamins, and is easily digested.

Ghee also has topical uses. It has been shown to have antiseptic and antibiotic properties and can used to soothe and heal cuts, burns, or scrapes.

Packaging and Shelf Life
Our ghee is packaged in glass jars (instead of plastic containers) to prevent any leaching of potentially-toxic chemicals. It does not need to be refrigerated since it is free of sugar and water content. However, storing it in the fridge will extend its shelf life. It’s best to use a fresh spoon (i.e. not double-dip) each time you take ghee out of the jar. Ghee is naturally liquid at higher temperatures and solid at lower temperatures. At room temperature, it typically has a consistency that is ideal for spreading.

Our Happiness Guarantee
We are proud to offer the best ghee on the market today, and we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, simply contact us to process a full refund.