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Tasty Superfoods has been manufacturing healthy and tasty products since 2005. Our goal is to create and sell second-to-none natural and organic products, while leaving the smallest environmental footprint during production.

Over 10 years ago we started selling organic and natural products locally, in the idyllic, progressive small town of Fairfield, Iowa. Our original focus was Ayurvedic products, such as our Dosha spice mixes, Dosha teas, massage oils, and our now famous Ayurvedic Roast (caffeine-free herbal coffee with antioxidant boost). As our knowledge of what constitutes optimal health has expanded, we have branched out into other superfoods, supplements, and natural body care products.

We are always adding new products to our online store to give you a full line of health-promoting, tasty superfoods and effective body care items.

Our mission statement is: "Be a vital force in the success of Organic Farming, Health Freedom, Traditional Cultures, and other Human-centered causes around the world."

Here is our full company address if you wish to contact us:
P.O. Box 355
Fairfield, IA 52556

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We look forward to offering you our healthy, unique, and Tasty Superfoods!