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Bath & Body

Oct 28, 2017
Bath & Body

Benefits of Using Organic Bath and Body Products

Many non organic bath and body products contain harmful ingredients that can cause unhealthy side effects and even allergic reactions. However, organic products contain natural and safe ingredients that will help nourish your skin and hair as well as help take care of the environment. Choosing organic bath and body products over non organic is a smart and healthy choice. The following are just a few of the many benefits of using organic bath and body products.

Organic Products are Better for Your Body

Most bath and body products contain artificial colors, chemicals and fillers that can irritate your skin and cause redness and breakouts. When applied to the skin, these hazardous toxins are quickly absorbed into the body and blood stream which can cause damage to vital organs throughout the body. Fortunately, organic products are made with natural ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, herbal extracts and aloe vera that help nourish and heal all types of skin and hair. The following are some of the chemicals to watch out for that are commonly found in many non organic health and beauty products.

1. Mineral Oils
2. Phthalates
3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
4. Propylene
5. Mercury
6. Dioxane

Benefits of Using Natural Fragrance and Essential Oils

Many health and beauty products contain artificial fragrances that can often smell with unpleasant chemical undertones. Organic products obtain their fragrances from the essentials oils of fruits, herbs and flowers straight from nature. The natural scents of organic bath and body products are usually milder and more appealing to you as well as those around you. Free of unhealthy preservatives Preservatives, such as parabens, are used in many health and beauty products to help the product last longer. Parabens help lengthen shelf life by killing bacteria, mold and fungus before it has the chance to damage the product. Parabens are chemical compounds that could potentially be harmful to your body. Fortunately, organic products use natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract, beeswax, vitamin E oil and rosemary oil to protect and lengthen shelf life. These natural preservatives effectively protect and preserve the product without exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Organic Body Care Products Help Protect the Environment

The manufacturing of most health and beauty products requires the use of many harsh chemicals. These chemicals are released into the air and water exposing you and those around you to these dangerous toxins. Organic bath and body products contain natural ingredients that are grown without pesticides and chemicals. Therefore, less toxins are released into the environment that would otherwise have a destructive effect on our soil, water and health. More and more people are becoming aware of the safety issues related to the ingredients used in many non organic bath and body products. If you would like to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals, consider replacing your bath and body products with organic products made with natural, safe and healthy ingredients. They are better for your body, smell more natural, contain no unhealthy preservatives and help protect the environment.

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