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Breathing Easy: What You Should Know About Yamoa Powder

Spring is literally just around the corner. Pretty soon we will see the green buds of leaves on the brown and grey branches of the trees. The snow is melting, and the days are gradually getting longer. Before we know it, our lawns will have turned from the yellow-brown of winter to a deep, rich emerald as the darkening skies lighten up to brighter shades of blue. With the change in seasons also comes the bane of many an existence: allergy season. While those who don’t suffer from allergies may scoff at the misery allergy sufferers are in, it is certainly nothing to brush off lightly. Seasonal allergies can turn even the healthiest person into a sneezing, wheezing mass of tissues and watery eyes. While there are certainly many over the counter remedies available for allergy sufferers, they often have side effects which are difficult to manage. Recent studies, however, have shown promise in an all-natural herbal remedy for both asthma and allergies known as yamoa powder.

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What Is Yamoa Powder?

Yamoa powder comes from the ground bark of a rare African gum tree. This bark has an active complex within the powder known as the complex polysaccharide faction (YAM-1). This complex has been shown to boost immune response to airway inflammation, which is what typically occurs in asthma and allergies. Because of the heightened immune response, allergic responses and stress responses do not trigger the airways to constrict. Many patients claim the results are life-changing, and many have also claimed to have completely eliminated their reliance on rescue inhalers.

What Is The History Of Yamoa Powder?

Yamoa powder is derived from the bark of Funtima Elastica tree, which is native to parts of Western Africa. The indigenous people and tribes have been using yamoa for centuries to aid in the symptoms of breathing disorders and other infectious diseases. It wasn’t until a shaman from the region brought his treatment to London that the mysterious powder began to gain Western recognition as a legitimate natural remedy for asthma and breathing disorders. In recent decades, independent UK scientists have begun to examine and study the effects of yamoa, and the results have been astounding! Not only is it an all natural and safe remedy, but it has no side effects. While its healing ability has been recognized for hundreds of years in Africa, British laboratories have also discovered it contains natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties which makes it an excellent remedy for many other types of infectious diseases.

How Should Yamoa Powder Be Taken?

There are a variety of ways which yamoa can be taken. For adults, the dose typically starts off as one capsule twice a day. During this time, it is important to continue taking regularly prescribed asthma medications. Most patients begin to notice a tremendous difference immediately. Some have claimed their symptoms have completely disappeared within the first 24 hours of taking the yamoa powder. In most cases, the powder can be taken in capsules. This is often ideal for people taking the capsules, as the powder can be rather bitter. However, powders can be mixed with honey or syrups to make it more palatable. After one month, patients can assess their symptoms to determine if they are getting adequate symptom relief and dosages can be adjusted. Because there are typically no side effects, it is also safe for children to take, typically at half the dose adults take.

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What Kinds Of Results Might I Expect From Taking Yamoa?

Many patients have experienced long-term good results from a single bottle of yamoa capsules. While many still order a second bottle of yamoa, but it is often to give to friends or family to experience the results for themselves. Many long-term sufferers of asthma and allergies have claimed life-changing results from one single bottle of yamoa capsules. Most have claimed to no longer need to rely on daily allergy medications, and many have also been able to completely be rid of their rescue inhalers. Some users who had spend thousands of dollars in emergency room visits, doctor visits, and medications say they have saved a ton of money simply by taking yamoa.

Are There Any Medication Interactions To Worry About With Yamoa?

Only a handful of people have reported a sensation such as a racing heart or heart palpitations while taking blood pressure medication. For this reason, it is not recommended for people who take medications for high blood pressure. While yamoa is considered all-natural and safe, it should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding as there have not been many conclusive studies as to the safety of the powder during pregnancy or nursing.

Are There Any Side Effects To Yamoa Powder?

There are very isolated cases of side effects from yamoa powder. The side effects have included mild stomach upset and a worsening of symptoms before they got better. Most of the side effects reported have been mild and have gone away with continued use of yamoa.

Asthma and allergies is more than sneezing and wheezing. For people who suffer with seasonal allergies and asthma, the symptoms of their illnesses can completely debilitate them. The financial cost can be enough to bankrupt families between the costs of emergency room visits, medications, and doctor’s visits. Many of the medications alone can cost hundreds of dollars per month for inhalers and nebulizer treatments. There are not only significant financial costs to suffering from asthma and allergies, but there is a huge emotional and mental toll that the symptoms can take on sufferers. Depression can take a toll on patients when they feel they have to isolate themselves to control the symptoms. Beautiful spring and summer days spent shut indoors can have a very real impact on mood and well-being, making it difficult to feel happy and motivated. However, yamoa has made a difference in the lives of many consumers by helping to alleviate their symptoms in a way they had never experienced before. For many users of yamoa, it truly is a miracle in a bottle!

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