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Should you Drink Coffee?

Millions of Americans wake up every day to a cup of coffee. In fact, we drink 3 cups of coffee a day on average, and our coffee consumption is only rising. We depend on coffee to wake us up, then to keep us awake throughout the day. However, scientific research continues to discover the negative health effects that can come about from drinking coffee.

Coffee contains 19 substances that have been identified as carcinogens, especially in non-organic coffee. It has a very harsh effect on the gastrointestinal tract, potentially leading to ulcers and gastritis. Because it is a stimulant, coffee can increase blood pressure, leading to hypertension. It can also increase subjective feelings of anxiety and if drunk too late during the day it can affect sleep patterns.

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Despite knowing the adverse health consequences, many people find quitting coffee to be extraordinarily difficult. Coffee has become part of their routine and people find it hard to replace that daily boost of energy. Despite that difficulty, many people attempt to quite coffee by going cold turkey. This can make your quitting attempts even more difficult and likely to fail.

Weaning yourself off of coffee is a method that gives you a better possibility for success. You can increase your chances for success by using a coffee substitute. Coffee substitutes taste like coffee but aren't stimulants or have negative health effects. In order to slowly wean yourself off of coffee you can mix your coffee substitute and coffee half and half until you feel confident you can do without the coffee altogether.

Many of us are dependent on coffee, but we're also unaware of how damaging drinking coffee can be to our health. Quitting coffee can be a very difficult feat, however a coffee substitute can make it easier for you. Although it's hard, quitting coffee is worth the effort because of the health benefits you'll see.

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