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Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

There’s an old Indian proverb suggesting that everything good can be found in ginger. Then it should come as no surprise why so many Ayurveda practitioners consider ginger as a universal medicine. Aside from the Indians, the Chinese also found it effective in treating all sorts of ailments.

The reputed health benefits of ginger are backed by science. Numerous evidence-based studies have shown that ginger is packed with volatile oils and phenol compounds that give it superior healing powers.

Moreover, tea made from ginger has high amounts of amino acids and vitamin C. It is also rich in trace elements like calcium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc.

Ginger tea may not be as popular as green tea or coffee but is surprisingly as healthy as those two beverages. The following are some of the best health benefits you can get from drinking ginger tea regularly:

1. Fights off the common cold.
Ginger is rich in compounds which have antiviral and antibacterial properties-- gingerols and gingerdiol. These active compounds provide ginger tea the ability to fight off infections. The beverage is often recommended to people who are suffering from the common cold as well as influenza. In cold climate countries, ginger tea is also considered a good and cheap way to keep warm. It is considered a diaphoretic, meaning it can promote sweating and keep the body warm.

2. Relieves stomach discomfort and nausea.
For thousands of years, ginger tea has been used by millions of people around the world to relieve an upset stomach. It can also be effective in treating morning sickness and motion sickness.

3. Improves digestion.
The phenolic compounds of ginger are also effective in relieving gastrointestinal irritation and stimulating saliva production. These compounds can also hold back gastric contractions which occur as food goes through the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, ginger can increase production of the enzymes such as pancreatic lipase which can improve motility.

There’s a growing body of evidence that ginger can lower risks of colon cancer, too. One study cited that ginger supplements can reduce risks of colon cancer developing. The said study was published in the Cancer Prevention Research Journal.

4. Reduces pain.
The Chinese are known to have traditionally used ginger to treat pain and reduce inflammation. Modern studies have proven that indeed, ginger is effective in reducing muscle pain and inflammation. One recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia showed that drinking ginger tea regularly can reduce muscle pain caused by regular exercise by up to 25 percent. Ginger tea can also minimize pain brought about by dysmenorrhea.

Ginger tea may also be used to relieve arthritic pain. One study conducted in 2000 showed that ginger is comparable to ibuprofen in treating arthritis. Another trial conducted in 2016 showed that ginger supplements can reduce pain and inflammation following a knee surgery.

5. It can help you lose weight.
Ginger tea may make a person feel satiated, which in turn can help him or her reduce food consumption. Ginger is also known as a safe and natural appetite suppressant. It is calorie-free, too, meaning it won’t cause you to gain weight no matter how many cups of ginger tea you consume in a day. And ginger is a thermogenic food as well, meaning it can enable the body to burn more fat.

How to make ginger tea

Preparing ginger tea is easy and hassle-free. It also helps that ginger is readily available in most countries; as well as fairly inexpensive.

To make a quart of ginger tea: Start by chopping an unpeeled piece of whole ginger (about 2 inches long) into coarse pieces. Put these into a two-quart pot with a quart of water. Bring the water to a boil then let the tea simmer for 15 minutes. Strain the tea before transferring it into a glass jar or a thermos bottle.

If it’s just a cup of ginger tea you need, simply take a whole and unpeeled garlic root and place it in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for two minutes before straining. Now you have a cup of hot ginger tea to keep you warm and healthy.

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