Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine Grind - Raw

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"My chiropractor told me I need to give up table salt and starting eating himalayan salt. He said the regular white salt is as bad as white sugar. I like your brand because the price is good and I get it shipped quickly. Thanks. "
- Antonio C.

Why We Love Himalayan Salt

  • Raw and unrefined
  • Contains trace minerals
  • The healthiest salt on earth
  • Best taste out of all alternative salts

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This is the healthiest salt on earth! Himalayan salt crystals have been crushed into a fine powder to make this holistic, natural salt fine enough to be used in a common saltshaker. Slightly pink in color, it contains 84 minerals in a form that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body. This salt is truly wholesome and delicious!

This rock salt comes from a specific region in Pakistan which is at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt mine produces crystals which range in size from powder consistency to crystals the size of large boulders. Many of these crystals have a pinkish hue to them, differentiating the salt from many other kinds on the market. It is mainly comprised of sodium chloride, which is typical of salt we use for seasoning. However, Himalayan salt differs from traditional table salt in that there are a number of other minerals which can be detected within each individual salt crystal. These other minerals are considered beneficial for our health, making Himalayan salt not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

Possible Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

This salt contains 84 minerals which our body uses on a regular basis. It makes it far more nutrient rich than any other type of iodized salts we use on a regular basis. Not only is it rich in our mandatory minerals, it is also extremely pure. Because of the location, far within the peaks and valleys of the Himalayan Mountain Range, it is untouched by pollution. This makes it a cleaner source of salt for our bodies without the added toxins of the ocean or the air.

Some people believe that salt is salt, and there is not much difference between one type of salt and another. This is not true, however. Whether it is epsom salt, sea salt, kosher salt, or table salt, there are differences among all of these in the amount of sodium chloride content; as well as the size, shape, mineral content, and subtle taste differences. One newly emerging source of salt is Himalayan salt. Harvested from the salt range at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, this pink-hued salt not only seasons food, but provides numerous health benefits as well.

The potential health benefits are countless! Aside from providing the body with the 84 minerals it needs to function fully, it also contributes to maintaining the body's water levels, regulating pH, reduces muscle cramps, increases bone strength, and also has many anti-oxidative properties which not only help slow down the aging process but also fights disease and improves immunity.

How to Use Himalayan Salt

Just like the health benefits, the uses for this salt of the earth are countless. With literally thousands of culinary uses, this delicate and unique salt not only adds flavor to a dish, but a hint of color as well. Larger crystals are also sometimes used in making lamps. These lamps provide a beautiful ambient glow and mood lighting and are also known to provide positive energy. These salts can be substituted for regular table salt when finely ground. They can also be left in courser crystals to be added to moisturizing body scrubs for a gentle exfoliation and a natural radiance.

Himalayan salt is the best nature has to offer. This unique salt is light in flavor but heavy in benefits. Consumers can save a lot of money by purchasing Himalayan salt wholesale or in bulk, and because of the seemingly endless shelf life it can be kept as a pantry staple for a long time. With the overwhelming health benefits of this salt, it would be silly to use anything else!

  • Vegan
  • Sustainably-harvested

Ingredients:Raw Himalayan Salt.